Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Adorable Teresa

This is a Teresa I had bought in the year 2012,she doesn't have a fashionista body,still I brought  her home just because I liked her face a lot.For me it really makes a difference if the doll has a pretty face.I am sure many of you will agree with me that a beautiful face is really hard to resist! ;) 

Here I post a few pics of my lovely Teresa for your eyes only,hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do! <3 
By the way she borrowed this dress from fashionista Raquelle,who actually had a doubt whether Teresa would be able to look presentable in this attire or not!! ;) 


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Bought A Doll after ages

Hello everyone!! It's been almost one and half here since I updated this blog of mine!! Sounds lazy,right? ;) 

Anyways I am back in FLICKR as well as here :) 
Here is a little peek inside Dolls Valley,for you to enjoy!!

I haven't bought any new dolls during this period except my recent purchase (two weeks ago),my first Monster High doll,Ghoulia Yelps,who is very photogenic and more than happy to pose for me for my come back post!! :D Some of you MH fans must be having her already.

Talk to you soon :) Wish you all a very Happy June!! 

Monday, 31 December 2012

Holiday Barbie 2012

Hi friends,firstly my apology for being quiet for the last few days,I was busyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,I turned 40 on 26th Dec,I went for a short trip,all these kept me away from the blogging world,I MISSED YOU ALL!
Here is a collage of my B'day pics for you to see!:)
Life begins at 40! ;)

I had to do a little photo shoot with her,no matter how hectic it was....................

That's all for now friends,WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS 2013,may all your dreams and desires get fulfilled!! :D
Hugz & kisses for you! 


Friday, 21 December 2012

Beautiful Winter

Hi doll lovers,you must be ready for the Christmas 2012,that reminds me that WE ARE STILL ALIVE,isn't it great? :D Now we can say the Doomsday prediction was wrong,lol.Winter is my favourite season,I look forward to it,as it's pleasantly cold in India,after a long summer and dull monsoon winter is the most lovable visitor who we eagerly wait for............

Finally I took a break from my lazy winter days and decided to do  a fun winter shoot with my lovely ladies,hope you like it!Here are a few pics for you to enjoy over a cup of coffee on a wintry day/night,depending on your time zone! :) First two pics are of Teresa,isn't she pretty?
Now it's Barbie,always pretty in pink!!;)
Teresa again..............

Now it's time for me to check out your lovely blogs,you all must be very busy with Christmas shopping and decorating stuff!

Wish you all A MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Have lots of fun!


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hello December

I love December for many reasons,there is a sense of joy filling up the air,it's the month of gathering and gifting!It's my favourite month,may be because I am a December girl by birth,you are right,I am a Capricorn! :D
Many of you must be staying in countries where it snows,unfortunately I am not.Are you planning to take your dolls out in the snow and click a few cool pics ?
As I was saying finally we entered the last month of 2012,the countdown has begun to 2013,it all seems so fast to me......
A new year means a new beginning for many of us or may be for all of us!December is the month of holidays and celebration,I love shopping in winter,all the malls are decked up,in childhood I would wait for my winter breaks eagerly,what about you?
I love the vast choice for winter fashion,jackets,coats,scarves,gloves,jumpers,boots,there is so much option to look hot when it's cold outside! ;)

Stay fashionable this winter,both you and your dolls,have lots of fun,that reminds me Mattel doesn't give much choices for winter fashion in my country(India),all the dress packs available in the stores seem to be either glittery or summery,which is a serious issue in MY DOLLY WORLD!! :( Do you also face the same problem or you are an expert in knitting Fashionable winter gears for your dolls? :)


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Hi friendz,today my model is Barbie fashionista Teresa,I just realised that I didn't have a solo photo shoot with her yet since I bought her last month!!!!! So here I am behind the lenses of my Sony cybershot DSC-H70,that makes me wonder what kind of camera YOU ALL must be using,is it a point and shoot or SLR or DSLR ??? I would love to know about your cameras,as I feel cameras and our computers are the two most essential tools of a doll blogger's life,right?? :)

Initially I found Teresa's face mould very interesting but as I started clicking her I was not very happy at first,I was wondering where I went wrong.......I guess her hair is to be kept the way it was.After all not all the dolls look good with a hairstyle done by someone else other than The Mattel hairstylists!!! :( Don't worry I will not scare you people away by posting the BAD pics,I mean not so good ones.You guys deserve only the BEST ones! ;)
I love her pics in this particular hairstyle,well I am not an expert in hair matter but I love to experiment with the tresses of my dolls!! ;) What about YOU ???
The day dress that Teresa is wearing in the above pic is one of my favourite dresses from Fashionista dress packs,from the picnic outfit set as far as I remember!! :D

Next is   ....
Last but not the least....

That's all for now friendz!Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. Many hugzzzzzzz!! :D


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Girls In The Mist : My First Outdoor Shoot

Open your eyes!So the sun can rise,
Flowers can blossom
Birds can sing,B coz all are waiting to see
your BEAUTIFUL smile,
Good Morning....................
On a fabulous Sunday morning,during one of my short trips last month........the dawn broke into million glitters,I just couldn't resist the urge to shoot,so I shouted "gals let's get ready to step out in the sun and welcome the lovely morning!" Barbie got ready super fast yet managed to look super glam as always,that's why I call her ohhhh-soooo-Barbie!

There was a cute spot at the rooftop of the hotel where I was staying,which got a beautiful pool and an awesome view of the city including an airport. Raqy, true to her style took her time to look ravishingly pretty! :/
Hmmmm Raquelle loves dressing up! ;) 

Next comes Summer- Her tall frame and striking looks among the leaves seemed to lit up the surrounding in a breathtakingly beautiful way.
While Summer was busy posing for me..........Away from the hustle bustle of the concrete world,Barbie and Raquelle were lost in the world of never-ending chitchat!!!! Here I present the pics for you! :) 

Although it was a lazy day for all of us but soon I realised it was time for clicking a few more pics as I saw the day soon to be ended! As soon as I zoomed in the lenses of my camera I saw the thousand glitter on Barbie's silky streaks bouncing in joy as the wind kisses them.Here is a beautiful collage for you to take a look at,hope you like it!!!!!!
After Barbie, Raquelle starts posing for me! Plz take a look and tell me how you like her?
 Ohhhhh my my what a lovely day it has been.....
What started with the breaking of the mists is now submerging into the silence of the evening,an experience is coming to an end but the memoirs will remain forever!!

 That is all for today.....My gals and I await our next trip which surely will bring more FUN to you all,I promise!;)